A strikingly beautiful Hollywood actress. Hayek is considered to be the first Mexican actress to become a Hollywood movie star since Dolores Del Río.


Born September 2, 1966 in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico, to a Catholic family, of a Lebanese father and a Mexican mother. At age 12, her parents decided to send her to a boarding school in Louisiana. After being a troublemaker, playing pranks on the poor nuns, she was sent by her parents to Houston, where she lived with an aunt until she turned 17.

Returning to Mexico, she attended College in Mexico City, studying International Relations. Whilst Hayek always showed interest in acting, she thought it is implausible for her. Despite, she eventually decided to drop Collage to pursue an acting career. After spending some time working in theater productions, she moved on to television and taken a few roles on some local Soap Operas, such as Teresa. She was very soon the most loved and adored celebrity in Mexico.

Hayek's fulfillment in Mexico was not enough for her. In 1992 she decide to move to Los Angeles, California. Unfamiliar with the English language, Hayek spent the first year learning English and taking acting lessons. After studying with the respected acting teacher Stella Adler, she auditioned for Mi Vida Loca. Her audition impressed Allison Anders, who gave her a small role and thus allowing her to enter the Screen Actors Guild.

Taking more auditions and small roles, Salma Hayek's talent was soon spotted by Robert Rodriguez, who casted her to his Desperado film in 1995, along with Antonio Banderas. Following, Hayek earned her casts to some more office box hits, such as Will Smith's Wild Wild West. Most notably was her appearance in the role of Serendipity in Dogma.


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