From Dusk till Dawn is a movie about two brothers, Seth (Clooney) and Richard (Tarantino) Gecko. Serving a twenty-two year sentence in a Kansas penitentiary for a botched bank robbery that resulted in the death of two law enforcement officers, Seth Gecko was taken to a local courthouse for a parole hearing after serving eight years. At the court house, his younger brother Richard, also an armed robber and a sex offender, helped him escape, resulting in the deaths of five Texas Rangers, eight police officers, and three civilians. They then robbed a bank and took one hostage, with the intent of escaping into Mexico.

To get into Mexico, they kidnap a family and steal their motorhome. The family consists of Kate, played by Juliette Lewis, Scott, played by Ernest Liu, and Jacob, played by Harvey Keitel. Kate is Jacob's daughter, and Scott is his adopted son. Jacob is a preacher, who, after having his wife die in a car accident, goes through a loss of faith that prompts him to take his children travelling, eventually to Mexico, where they find themselves now. Fortuitously, Seth sees the motorhome and its occupants and thus his ticket into Mexico.

Once inside Mexico, they drive to a bar, aptly named The Titty Twister to wait for their meeting with the people that will protect them in Mexico. To make a long story short, the owners and workers at the bar aren't your kind Mexican neighbors. They turn into vampires with superhuman strength after a fight breaks out, leaving everyone in a battle against time to live and prompting a return of faith to Jacob in order to save himself and his children.

The film was written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by fellow member of A Band Apart, Robert Rodriguez. From Dusk till Dawn may be low on plot, but it's high on the strength of its characters.

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