A band from Detroit. The name's taken from a Star Wars novel in the "Corellian" trilogy (it's Princess Leia's diplomatic decryption code). The first band to in the self-named "Ghetto Goth" genre. Possibly one of the strangest bands in existance, they only released one album (Not every angel has wings) and one EP before they broke up in 1998. They are currently planning on finishing their second album and tourning in 2001.

Rogue Angel 7 has lately started to play out again, much to everyone in the Detroit area's delight. They added on a guitar god and have been recently known for playing a really good cover of an Tool song. With several new songs and more dedication than ever before, RA7 is back--with a vengeance.

Soon a CD called "Stop(and listen to the silence)" will be released by Rogue Angel 7. They will also be appearing at the Atlantis Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia this summer.

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