Rodborough Fort is an eighteenth century folly that sits on Rodborough common, looking over the town of Stroud. From a distance (such as the window I am currently looking out of) the fort looks like a medieval castle, squareish, with round, flat-topped, towers and battlements, and even when you are walking right next to it, it is hard to see that it is a folly.

Built in 1765 for Captain George Hawker, the fort is positioned so that when observed from The town below, it appears to be sitting on top of a large hill, or small mountain, however, when right up next to it, it becomes apparent that it is in fact merely on the top of a large slope, and that there is flat land, stretching as far as Cirencester, behind it. However it’s position gives it an heir of authority, giving the impression that a ruler of Stroud might have lived there.

The fort has changed hands several times, the most recent being in 1988 when it was bought for £250,000. It is still a private home, but is one of the more impressive landmarks in Stroud, and gives the Parish of Rodborough a more traditional feel.

A picture of the fort can be found here: hub/lock1.htm

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