I don't know what it is that makes one song in a certain genre the one that gets in your head and stays there. But this song by Mark Morrison is one of the most uplifting songs I've ever heard.

I also don't know what the deal is with these hip hop guys and gals. It appears that Mr. Morrison has been spending most of his time in jail and has never really done a whole lot since having this hit. Well, come to think of it, this is pretty much of a pimpmobile vehicle, eh?

You Brits dug it, eh? The charts say that this was the first Number One hit by a black solo male artist in the decade of the 1990's. Maybe Mr. Morrison will make a Clintonesque comeback and give you and me another Mack one day.

Some day soon, when I get me a hot pink 1983 Cadillac El Dorado with a human hair roof, I'm gonna drive around my little town with my patented pimp stick fashin' out the top of one slightly rolled down darkened window, and play this sumbitch on a tape loop until I blow the all my bitches' minds, . . . or my speakers. (Whichever comes first.)

I'd suggest you get the extended version of this song for the piano intro and the mad scratchin' going on which you don't hear in the shortened for radio version.

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