Once upon a time, Mark Morrison was famous for more than getting arrested and skipping bail. He ruled the world in 1996: his old-skool Rap 'n' Soul was atop worldwide charts in the form of Return Of The Mack's title track, school-yards resounded to imitations of his Larry 'Cameo' Blackman-derived vocals (the result of teenage years in Florida) and three irrestible hits followed that same year- 'Crazy' (a remix of his 1995 debut), 'Trippin' and 'Horny'.

Unfortunately, 'The Mack' took global megadom as a license to return to the law-troubling ways that landed gim behind bars in pre-fame years. Retiring with defiant mini-album Only God Can Judge Me (1997), he paused only to discover girl-group sensation Cleopatra before asconding to cop-dodging exile. His run-ins with the law are legendary. He once sent a lookalike to do his community service, and wore an 'Only God Can Judge Me' T-shirt to court.

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