Movie 1983
Nora is a single mother who lives with her son Michael in a small house. They don't have much money but at least they have each other. Out of the blue comes Nora's father Max Dugan, who left her and Nora's mother when Nora was nine years old. He brings a suitcase with dollar bills and showers her and Michael with gifts, trying to make up for lost time, knowing that he has a fatal heart ailment. The money comes from his shady career in Las Vegas and Nora is dating a policeman who is very interested in meeting him.
Kiefer Sutherland .... Bill
Pop Attmore .... Baseball Player
Bill Aylesworth .... Chris
Billie Bird .... Older Woman
Sondra Blake .... Teacher
Matthew Broderick .... Michael McPhee
Joey Coleman .... 3rd Baseman
John Corvello .... Basketball Coach
Frank D'Annibale .... Bears Coach
Robert D'Arcy .... Cab Driver
Elisa Dolenko .... Maria
Tom Fridley .... Steve
Ray Girardin .... Umpire
Dody Goodman .... Mrs. Litke
Mari Gorman .... Pat
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