Relient K is a rock/punk band formed in 1998 in Ohio. The founding members of the band are Matthew Thiessen, Brian Pittman and Matt Hoopes. Currently the band consists of Thiessen, Hoopes, Dave Douglas, John Warne, and Jon Schneck. Recently, after 7 years, Dave Douglas, the drummer, has decided to leave the band.

The Band was named after Plymouth’s Reliant K car, but respelled it for copyright fears.

Many have debated whether they were considered a Christian band or punk/rock band. When asked, Matt Thiessen said, “Call us whatever you want. Like you can call us Christian band, you can call us a rock and roll band, we can go on tour with this band, we can go on tour with that band. But, we don't care, we're just doing what we do, we're having fun, we write about what we want to write about and, you know, most of the time, that's, you know, our hearts and our faith and stuff like that.” The songs generally don’t talk about god or Christianity but it can be argued that they are referring to things in that nature.

They have released 6 albums thus far; the most recent call Five Score and Seven Years Ago which reached a peak of 6 on the US billboard chart.

Full list of albums:
  1. Relient K (April 25, 2000)
  2. The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek (August 25, 2001)
  3. Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right…But Three Do (March 11, 2003)
  4. Mmhmm (November 2, 2004)
  5. Apathetic (November 8, 2005)
  6. Five Score and Seven Years Ago (March 6, 2007)

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