... Of A Revolution: A 90s style, Island Vibe rock band that consists of Marc, Chris, Richard, Benj, and Jerry. OAR plays mostly in the northeast. Their music can be compared to Dispatch and to a lesser degree Phish. OAR started as a college band out of Ohio State University, but are now playing more high profile shows. They currently have two CD's, 'The Wanderer' and 'Souls Aflame'. Their most popular single is 'Crazy Game of Poker' Which can easily be found on Napster.

The members of the band are from Rockville, Maryland and they formed OAR in 1996. They got started by distributing their music online, and soon took off throughout college campuses. The band has a unique style of music, a mix of alternative rock with the use of saxophone. After 5 albums the band recently wrapped up a tour which ended with a sellout of Madison Square Garden. The full concert can be seen on MSN for free. They also played during the 2006 Major League Baseball All Star game. Their hits include the popular “That was a crazy game of poker” and “Love and Memories”. Mainstream media such as MTV have not yet caught on to OAR’s popularity but it seems it's only a matter of time.

Recent news states that the band is working on another album which is due out in early 2008 with 20 new songs on the disc.

The band consists of Marc Roberge (vocals & guitar), Chris Culos (drums & percussion), Richard On (guitar & vocals), Benj Gershman (bass guitar), and Jerry DePizzo (saxophone, guitar & vocals).

A list of albums

  1. The Wanderer (1997)
  2. Souls Aflame (2000)
  3. Risen (2001)
  4. In Between Now and Then (2003)
  5. Stories of a Stranger (2005)

A list of live albums

  1. Any Time Now (2002)
  2. 34th & 8th(2004)
  3. Live From Madison Square Garden (2007)

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