The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is an Emo/punk band that was formed in 2003 in Jacksonville, Florida. The original members are Ronnie Winter, Elia Reidy, Joey Westwood, Duke Kitchens, and Jon Wilkes. The band’s name was chosen randomly by placing words on a wall, then blindfolding Ronnie and then he chose three words, and of course, the result was “Red Jumpsuit Apparatus”. They were signed by Virgin Records shortly after releasing their first demo, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. There second album, Don’t fake it, went gold in November 2006 for selling at least half a million copies.

One of their singles, “In Fate’s Hands” is used on the video game Madden NFL 2007. The band was also seen on a popular MTV show.

Full list of albums:

  1. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (2004)
  2. Ass Shaker/Justify/Face Down EP (2006)
  3. Don’t You Fake It (2007)
  4. AOL Sessions Undercover – EP (2007)


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