Classified under Anti-folk, Indie rock, baroque pop, and/or blues, Regina Spektor, is a proudly Russian-Jewish musician with a unique voice and a penchant for poignant lyrics to match.
She was born in Moscow, Russia on February 18, 1980 to a musical family.

As a child, she began practicing on her mother's Petrof Upright. The piano had to be left behind when they emigrated from the then USSR, during the perestroika. Emigrating, first to Austria, then to Italy and then, with the help of HIAS – to the US, she now makes her home in New York, NY.

“Usually, I write it all together. The words and the piano part just come to find where they sit together, and the sounds and everything just kind of roll around over and over, until it all settles as a song. Sometimes I'll hum while walking and write a song, but usually I can never figure out a piano part to it later. It just stays an a cappella song.”

Regina, with her curly hair and trademark bright red lipstick and very distinctive voice, has been described as quite the eclectic artist due to the variety present in her music. Adding to that, her songs are not autobiographical - with some songs alluding to literary characters.
Her preference for each song to be separate from the other, with each unique in sound and style, gives her a diversity and range that make her an instant favourite with those who fancy themselves individualistic hearers.


Here’s her discography:

Extra info:
She studied music for four years at SUNY Purchase College, leaving with an honours degree in 2001.
She is somewhat of a philanthropist as she has done several benefit shows and releases for various causes such as Doctor's Without Borders, the crises inTibet and Darfur.
Covered John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’ for Instant Karma, a benefit for Darfur.
Her song The Call featured in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.
She did a cover of the song ‘little boxes’ for the intro to episode 10 of the second season of Weeds. Also, her song The Ghost of Corporate Future was in the second volume of songs from that series.
Her song Eet debuted on 90210
The television show "How I Met Your Mother" also featured a song of hers.

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