City in Queensland, Australia. Population of around 50000 people. Redcliffe is notable as the site of the first European colony in Queensland. Situated on a peninsula, it is bordered by Moreton Bay on the east, Bramble Bay on the south, and Deception Bay on the north. It also has land borders with the town of Sandgate, and the shires of Caboolture and Pine Rivers.

The city itself is divided into a number of suburbs, including Margate, Clontarf, Woody Point, Scarborough, Rothwell, Kippa-Ring and Griffin. Most of the population is concentrated in the eastern part of the city, close to the seaside. Beaches run for most of the length of the coastline, but the presence of a large offshore island prevents any significant surf from reaching the beaches. The beaches here used to have a bad repuation for pollution, but the council has cleaned up the water, and it now provides excellent, tranquil opportunities for swimming, especially for children. You still have to watch out for bluebottles during the summer though.

The city was the first European settlement in what is now Queensland, being founded by commandant Lieutennant Miller in 1824. The settlement was abandoned soon after in favour of the newer settlement at Brisbane, but the area underwent a revival in the 1880s when it was looked at as something like an English Seaside Resort. The construction of a jetty in 1911 brought even more prosperity to the area. The construction of the Hornibrook Bridge between Redcliffe and Sandgate meant that the city was no longer isolated, and led to dramatic population increases.

The economy of the city is based largely on tourism, with its close proximity to Brisbane and Sandgate meaning that its in easy reach of day trippers looking for a picnic or perhaps a barbeque. There is an extensive industrial park at Clontarf, and a large commercial precinct at Kippa-Ring, which among other things features a number of restaurants, and a large cinema complex. There are a few highrise apartment blocks situated along the coastline offering spectacular views.

Transport-wise, Redcliffe is within easy reach of most major regional centres in South-East Queensland. Travel to Brisbane is possible through taking a bus from Redcliffe to Sandgate Train Station, where a commuter train can then be caught to a destination as far away as the Gold Coast. There is intermittent talk of building a rail link into the city itself, but so far these efforts have amounted to nothing.

All in all, Redcliffe is a solid example of a growing working-class city close to the state capital. Its location means that it has enormous tourism potential, while at the same time its population also supports a large light industry base.

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