A neighborhood in Chicago just north of the Loop known for extremely ritzy apartments and condos that average the highest rent in the city, not to mention the highest density of BMWs in the city.

The area called the Gold Coast of Africa was first visited by Europeans in 1470 when Portuguese sailors reached the northern coastline of the Gulf of Guinea. They found so much gold between the rivers Ankobra and Volta that they named the place "Mina" - meaning "mine." The English referred to it as the Gold Coast, just as the French traders to the west called their sphere of influence the Ivory Coast.

Trading posts/forts were built by many powers over the next three centuries: England, Denmark, Portugal, Prussia, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Most of these developed into small colonies after some negotiation or some conflict with the Fanti people near the coast and the Ashanti people further inland. However, eventually all those colonies were incorporated into that of England, the last of the Dutch colonies which were sold to Great Britain in 1871.

The Gold Coast became self-ruling in 1951, and by the 1950s had the highest average level of education in all of sub-Saharan Africa, but it wasn't until 1957 that it was combined with the smaller colony of British Togoland to become the modern Ghana. This was the first European colony in Africa to become independent (after two decades of campaign for home rule). The leadership of Kwame Nkrumah and his ability to negotiate with the British turned out to be the impetus for most of the other African colonies to seek their own independence.


One of the most highly developed tourist areas of Australia, the Gold Coast (1996 population: 242,768) extends for 40 km from the New South Wales border to Paradise Point on the extreme south coast of Queensland. The Gold Coast encompasses eighteen townships, including Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta, Burleigh Heads and others. Its attractions include international standard tourist accommodation, night clubs and restaurants as well as a wide range of natural and commercialised wildlife reserves, such as the bird sanctuary at Currumbin and Marineland and Sea World at Southport, and events such Indycar racing. Several theme parks exist up and down the coast, including Dreamworld (home of Australia's version of Big Brother, Warner Brothers Movie World (incorporating a much smalled Universal Studios-like setup), Wet n Wild and the aforementioned Sea World)

With thanks to ohe for note of the theme parks and attractions.

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