Scarborough, also known as Scarberia is the only community within the city of Toronto that requires classical music to be piped into the subway station to deter loitering of people with mullets and gang violence.

What about the fricken original? The one in North Yorkshire, England? The one which I believe Simon and Garfunkel wrote about in "Scarborough Fair".

As a place for a resident it sucked during Winter the only fun we got was watching the fuckwits (tourists) walk too near to the tide barriers and get swept in.

Beach wise were never seem to get a clean bill of health from all those committees (Blue Flag etc).

We still have a medicore division four football club.

Highlights (only a few):

  • Lotsa nice cliffs to jump off
  • Lotsa nice hills to climb (sadly can't really hurt yourself if you jump, you're more likely to just tumble and graze yourself).
  • Radio scanners are brilliant cause it appears that everyone is fucking everyone else (promiscuity). That tends to go on a lot in quiet towns like ours.
  • Whitby's up the road (could go see the white lady or dracula's grave).
Our gene pool is kinda shallow please come along and help end the inbreeding! Oh and the fair is always shite!
Not sourced from the Scarborough Tourist Information Center.

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