A daily sports and news tabloid published in Toronto, Canada by Quebecor.

The Sun features a bikini-clad bimbo on page 3 and many ads for cars, townhouses in Oshawa and phone sex.

If the ads were removed, there would be very little content, as the few news articles that are published in The Sun are written to appeal to the residents of Toronto with a grade 2 reading level. (It should be noted that The Sun is Scarborough's most popular newspaper)

Founded by former employees of the defunct Toronto Telegram, the Sun features a right-wing editorial bent to it. Its main competition is The National Post, which unlike the Sun, is a national (in this sense, Canadian) newspaper.

If one reads the propaganda published by the Sun, one would believe that the newspaper wars in Toronto are won, and by the Sun. In actuality, this is not the case.

As emil greer says in his writeup, the Sun's main features are ads and the "Sunshine Girl". The paper also has excellent sports coverage, but papers such as The Toronto Star are quickly gaining even there.

At first, the Sun was owned by the employees. For a while, however, they were owned by Rogers, the Canadian cable giant, before buying themselves back. Now, like emil says, they're owned by Quebecor. They recently became unionized, after deciding against doing such earlier on. Being unionized is what killed the Telegram, so here's hoping it does the same for the Sun.

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