Oh, the good ol' schoolyard! Red Ass is an outdoor game that involves a tennis ball (or better yet, an India rubber ball), a brick wall (the less windows, the better, but any sized hard, vertical surface will usually do), and two or more kids (usually boys and tomboys).

One kid throws the ball at the wall, and the other kids try to catch it. If a kid fumbles the ball, they have to run and touch the wall before another kid can hit the wall with the dropped ball. If the kid makes it to the wall in time, they're fine. But if they don't make it there in time, they collect a letter (R first, then E, then D, all the way to the second S in ass). Now, if a kid is daft enough to stay and collect all six letters, spelling "RED ASS" completely, before recess or lunch hour is over then they have to stand up against the wall while the other kids get 1 turn each to pelt the kid's ass as hard as they can with the ball from a preset "fair" distance away. At this point the kid hopefully had a red ass, hence the name of the game.

Well, I had a damn loada fun playing that game. And even kids who actually got their asses pelted liked that game. And it was completely acceptable violence. Well, nobody ever told us not to do it.

A red ass is also what you have after you get a spanking.

A spanking!? Now that's unacceptable behaviour!

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