Do you remember "picture day" when you were younger? Everybody hated picture day, and no one really wanted to be there. Well, that's what I do professionally on my weekends... for about 8 hours each day, I take pictures of little league teams, and fend off annoying parents. Now what I don't understand is this-- the company I work for sends out the picture envelopes two weeks in advance, and then the league usually gives them out to the parents a week in advance-- so HOW COME with every team I do, there are always about ten parents frantically filling out their envelopes as their kid gets his/her picture taken? Why is it so hard for them to do it ahead of time? And for that matter-- usually there is about a ten to twenty minute wait, and I can't help but notice that the same parents who only START filling out the envelopes when it's their child's turn spend those ten to twenty minutes chatting with other parents. This is valuable time that they could be using to fill out those damn forms! Usually, because they don't, they throw me off-schedule, and then I have to work twice as fast to make up for lost time. It could just be me, but... I don't understand! Are they doing this on purpose?!

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