A schoolyard game some kids played around grade one. The rules to the game are obvious at that age:

For the boys:
Run away from the girls or they'll kiss you.

For the girls:
Try to kiss the boys.

Kissing tag quickly becomes obsolete with the realisation that kisses aren't so horrible (and don't cause anything a quick cootie shot won't cure).

In some people's childhood worlds this game took place the other way round. Not mine, though.
In my childhood world, it was the other way around. The boys would chase the girls for kisses. If the girl liked the boy that was chasing her, she made sure the chase didn't last too long.

Being the fat kid, I didn't like the games we played that required chasing someone. I was always 'it' when we played tag or freeze tag because everybody was faster than I was. They ALWAYS wanted to play freeze tag.

Children can be cruel without saying a single word. I never caught the girls I wanted to catch, playing kissing tag. They would run like a track stars with an endorsement contract. The other girls were aggressive. They had to be if they wanted a kiss, they would not be chased. Instead of running like the other girls did, they stood their ground. If they were between you and the girl you wanted to catch, they tripped you.

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