Delighfully sleazy 1990s glam-rock quartet. Unsigned for a long time, although with a sizeable cult following, they released their first album, Hymns for Strange Children in 2000 on Cruisin' Records.

Rachel Stamp is not a chick singer. This is a concept you must grasp. There is in fact one girl in the entire group, Shaheena Dax, described on the sleeve notes as "mistress of synthesis". The group also contains David Ryder-Prangley (vocals), Will Crewdson (guitar dude) and Robin Guy (drummer). It is quite hard to tell if Crewdson is a guy or a gal, but it's very pretty nonetheless.

The group all have different-coloured hair: Ryder-Prangley has green, Crewdson has blue, Guy has pink and yellow, and Dax has red. This is one way to tell them apart.

The 'Hymns for Strange Children' track listing is as follows:

Stand-out tracks are 'I Wanna be Your Doll', 'Ladies and Gents', 'Pink Skab' and 'My Sweet Rose'. 'Spank', 'Pink Skab' and 'Didn't I Break my Heart over You?' have all been previously released. Some of the songs are quite filthy, notably 'Spank', 'Pink Skab', 'Take a Hold of Yourself' (yes, it is about masturbation) and 'Dirty Bone'. This is a Good Thing.

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