When running Batchmaster often a file becomes corrupt. The BatchMaster file recovery is tedious and doesn't always work. You are then left to working through a Butil recovery which has several simple steps. If you are running P.SQL 2000 then you can go to a workstation and use the following script to repair your file.

First make a new folder. Personally I create a folder name recovery under my Platinum company key. Then create a new bat file containing the following commands:



REN %1 %1.ORG



Name it recover.bat. To use your new script first make a backup copy of the offending file (ie: INTXDH although you may need some Bourbon to help your nerves if that particular file is messed up). Copy INTXDH into your new folder. Then you can just run your script using the format recover filename. Where filename is your file. Once that is done (it will take 15 seconds to hours and hours depending on file size) just copy that file back into your company key (which you of course backed up) and you should be all set. Note you may have to kick all of your users out of BatchMaster and Platinum first...which you should've done anyways.

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