Intense chronic itching of the anus and skin around the anus. Pruritis ani can affect men or women at any age although it is common in overweight people and those who are diabetic, sweaty and stressed out.

Itching, often intense and worse at night.
Redness of skin around the anus.
Abrasion of the skin due to scratching.

Yeast infection.
Pinworms, scabies, lice.
Contact dermatitis caused by soaps, contraceptive foams or jellies, perfumed toilet paper, deodorant sprays, douches or underwear made of synthetic fabric.
Various skin disorders, including psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.
Vaginal discharge or skin atrophy in women caused by low estrogen levels.
Chronic diarrhea.
Excessive coffee intake.

Keep the body clean with regular showers or baths.
Cleanse carefully after bowel movements with moistened tissue.
Avoid contact with substances to which you are sensitive.
Avoid tight underclothing made from synthetic material.

Wear soft mittens at night, if scratching occurs while asleep.
If you are unable to completely empty rectum with bowel movement, use a small plain water enema (infant bulb syringe) after each bowel movement. This may prevent irritation.
Keep the rectal area clean, dry and cool. Wear loose clothing and underclothing.
You may use non-prescription cortisone ointment or cream. Apply 3 times a day and rub in gently until it disappears. Avoid laxatives.

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