A Short List of Prurient Latin Terms

caco, cacare, cacavi, cacatum
to shit (on)

cinaedus, cinaedi, m.
pervert, lit. one who performs fellatio

cunnus, cunni, m. (!)

culum, culii, n.
ass, asshole

irrumo, irrumare, irrumavi, irrumatum
To fuck someone's face (perform forcible fellatio)

futuo, futuere, futui, fututum
to fuck, esp. vaginal penetration

mingo, mingere, minxi, mictum
to piss

moecha, moechae f.

pedico, pedicare, pedicavi, pedicatum
to penetrate anally

sopio, sopionis m.

verpa, verpae, f. (!)
erect penis

This information was collected from http://www.obscure.org/obscene-latin/vocabulary.html and verified through consultation with my Latin instructor. Enjoy.

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