In a shot glass:
  • Tequila
  • Tabasco sauce. A lot or a little, depending on how sadistic your friends are.

It's a well known fact that prarie fires are rarely ordered by the same people that consume them. By the stage in the evening when you are consuming prarie fires, you are often no longer able to order anything at all. Often they are only experienced the night you first become able to drink legally.

Cover my shortcomings
with straw and burn

that pyre.

burn, sunshine.

Until the ground is nothing
but scorched earth
And we can scratch our names
In the dirt.

We’ll bury the sticks
when we’re done.

Trace a song for
the drought

And sing
until the gods answer
our calls
or help.

And dance until it rains
to prepare ourselves
for the harvest.

But remember to keep stores
for the winter.

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