It's half sport, half drinking game, half pure fun. If you noticed, and care that it is more than a whole, you haven't been playing enough.

How to play:

Set up as many kegs of beer as you can gather, and line them up in a row, leaving about 4 to 6 feet between each one(you might want to increase this distance, if you can't fall down well). And please people, keep your kegs cold, there is nothing worse than warm keg beer. Also it is wise to play this game on a lawn, concrete hurts

Okay, now that the setup is finished your ready to play, the more people the better for this one. Playing is simple you just jump the kegs either hurdle or leap-frog style from beginning to end. For every time you fall you have to take a drink(or if your really hardcore, you'll do a keg-stand, however that usually interupts gameplay).

As with most drinking games the more you "lose" the more difficult the game becomes.

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