MMX instruction for logical or.

Unlike most MMX instructions, POR doesn't operate on packed data. Instead, it operates on bits. A MMX register or 64 bit memory location is combined with a MMX register using logical or.


POR stands for "Pull Out Replacement" where special education kids leave the classroom for certain subjects that are taught in the resource center. Considered a step below ICS and a step above Self Contained. Provides a small, inclusive enviroment where the kiddies can get special attention.

Profit On Resale.

POR stated on a product in a wholesaler is the amount or profit a business owner can make by selling a product at its recommended retail price. Of course, a shopkeeper (for instance) can make more profit on an item (provided they can still sell it, of course) by charging a higher price, and it is for this reason that un-price-marked-packs are often more expensive.

POR can also be calculated for the catering industry, coming from the cost of all the comprising ingredients in a certain menu item. It often appears to be much higher than the POR of a retail product, however it does not account for the required labour and skill to turn raw ingredients into a sale-able meal.

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