According to TVTropes, this is a delightful nickname for staying up all night on your computer playing at games and being so stuck on them that, well, one would rather poop in a sock than disengage even for a bog break.

Yeah, I've poopsocked a few times in my existence (though without actually pooping in a sock, that's too horrid even by my standards.) It's one of the reasons why I refuse all contact with MMORPGs. I fear if I did that I would end up hopelessly addicted to World of WarCrack which, quite frankly, is not on. I have a job, people! I have better things to do!

To be fair, video game addiction goes back a long way. When I and my old man first got our paws on "Legend," the game otherwise known as "Four Crystals of Trazere," I dare say if it hadn't have been for my mother referring to us as "Seethe and Mutter," or "the two mutleys," we would have happily poopsocked. And this was 1993!!!

Flash forward to 1995, and the German power metal band Helloween release their album "Master of the Rings." This album features a song called "The Game is On" which, yes, is about poopsocking with a Nintendo Gameboy. The subject of this song with his fabulous new toy, that "when you're down it brings you joy," ends up bleeping and poking at it without respite despite the fact that the building's on fire and "there's a great amount of fumes, coming from somebody's room" but when the firemen burst in to drag out any survivors they just see our happy little poopsocker sat in the corner "with a grey box in his hands, he has gone to another land!" The last verse of the song is just Andi Deris singing against artfully arranged Game Boy samples. Which slowly invade the song throughout. Blip-blip-bliblip-blip... PTING! etc.

I think the next game that really exerted such an unnatural hold on me was probably Command & Conquer and its sequelae. I'd have to be prised away from the mouse and probably would command my little tanks and men in my sleep if it were possible. Battlezone (the 1998 remake) also got played a lot at this time to excess, because when you're 12, 13 or so, there's little cooler than hovertanks on the moon.

Then I think after that it was Dungeon Keeper. I remember thinking, christ, aren't I a sad act, when I think it was about 1.30 am and the advisor dropped a message for me saying, "Your nocturnal perseverance has unlocked a hidden gaming tip. Go to Bed!" I usually did by that point.

Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II were the next subjects of poopsocking. Though this is explicable because at the time I was 16 years old and the subject of ridicule from a significant portion of my class mates in reality, but in the game I was... I was Ravn Gorionsson, 17th level berserker with 18/88 STR, 18 CON, and mithril plate armour and who NEVER got bagged on for being ginger and whose sword was constantly wet with the blood of his slain foes and whose... OTHER sword was constantly wet with... OTHER things (Manowar called, I know, they want their fantasy back.) I think BG2 was the first game I ever pulled an all nighter with. (I pulled an all-nighter with it later when I dug it out and discovered its colossal modding community, the production of which surely required much poopsocking on the part of their authors.) BG2 even had hints that would appear on the loading screen, one of which was "While your character does not need to eat, please remember that you do. We don't want to lose any dedicated players."

When I got to university I hid most of my games at home because I was there to study, not stay up all night poopsocking. And I managed. Until I finished my exams at the end of the first year, upon where I went out, got rascally drunk, bought Need for Speed Underground II, and was still up for it come breakfast time. Because I was nineteen, I had a driving licence but no insurance company would touch me other than on some crumbling old wreck, let alone an acid green Nissan 350Z with alarming vinyls.

Since graduating university, and getting a job, there's been little time for poopsocking on my part. Well, not from games anyhow... I know there are a number of my nodes on E2 that I pulled all nighters to finish. And indeed, E2 has been the cause of my most recent poopsocking adventures. I know that recent catboxing on the ironnoders group has involved Glowing Fish lamenting his noding/kissing girls balance... could this possibly indicate some poopsocking here?

I'm told that certain games actually come nowadays with triggers that automatically save your position and quit themselves if you play for more than a couple of hours at a stretch and won't run for the next few hours after that. I can't name which ones but I know which ones ought. Second Life springs to mind here mostly.

Oh Christ, is that the time? I've work in the morning and all, and I'm in court.

(Damn you IRON NODER, of which this is my 19th offering of 30.)

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