Alright, people. Quit upvoting this thing and show your ugly mugs at the meet instead!

The nutshell

Who?Us. You.
What?Nodermeet. Sez so in the title
Where?Right here. West Lafayette, Indiana
When?Thanksgiving. Sez so in the title
Smartass. No really, when?November 25, 2010 and into the following weekend
Why?Because we can
What's Amish about it?Nothing. Not even a single piece of well-crafted furniture but it got your attention. OK, so I might bake some bread
And finally, wtf is a hoosier?Nobody knows. Not even wikipedia

Extended play version

After a one-year break following our chaotic move last year, the fair missus and I are resuming the near tradition of having as many of you jerkwadwonderful people as will come at our place sometime late in the year. Since we have a new house and all, we've drawn a line under the There Goes the Neighbourhood series of gatherings but will try to recapture the spirit of episode 3, which was our favourite. Well, that and the folks in Illinois claimed the earlier dates for nodermeets.

We'll be revisiting the "orphan's thanksgiving" theme from 2007, which implies a special invitation for all those who don't have anywhere to go for this holiday or are desperately looking for an excuse to avoid the usual gig, and not just for those who like the food and company. Those who have visited us before will testify that we treat people like your Italian/Jewish/Greek/Lebanese grandmother would. All diets are suspended. Vegetarians will become a side dish and are asked to announce themselves so we can make special, um, provisions. Your blood will be turned into wine.

The venue will be our new place about a mile north of where we used to be, which is off I-65 exits 175/178, a third of the way from Indy to Chicago. We can sleep as many as we have to and can park as many cars as we need to within a hundred yards. We can pick up air travellers at IND. People who'd rather do MDW or ORD will have to coordinate with any Chicago noders who may be coming.

Never been to a nodermeet?

Come anyway. You gotta start somewhere. Bring the kids.


There is none. Come when you want, leave when you want. We'll make some plans depending on how many people we have and on which days but we have now done this often enough to recognise the futility in planning and expertly play by ear. All we promise you is turkey on Thursday. Or Friday. We'll see. That, and the traditional visit to Von's for unusual beads, books, and trinkets.

Gwen is a super-busy girl these days so I'll be my own secretary and sit on my knee to take dictation. Please contact me with your plans and questions. Any message that doesn't say "I'M COMING WITH BELLS ON" will be filed and used against you when you least expect it.

Coming with bells on and a song in their heart:
Your hosts gwenllian and alex plus their extended brood of sullen teenagers
Wiccanpiper and Briarcub
LaggedyAnne and sessor (Friday arrival)
cassparadox (claimed library bed)
You (and the horse you'll ride in on)
Total: 15

Pretending to sing but maybe just moving their lips:
scarcatcher is looking at a weekend foray while quietly humming "Coma White."
OldMiner's lips are moving but a stony silence emanates
vandewal was caught humming "I Want to Disappear." Now he's looking into undisappearing.
locke baron is offering incantations to the work schedule gods

Humming Marilyn Manson lyrics instead:
The Debutante says she's English and doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. As an excuse for skipping a nodermeet, that's about as bogus as Manson's cover of "Sweet Dreams." Oh, she'll be in the UK? Well, we might buy that one.
Local resident eien_meru was found bopping along to Rob Zombie tunes. It's not the fact that he can't tell the difference between Zombie and Manson that bothers us. It's the bopping.

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