"One of the greatest forgotten albums ever"

Planet P Project is a one man band that released one album in 1983 and one in 1984. The man behind the group is Tony Carey, a studio musician that has been releasing solo albums since the early eighties. The Planet P Project was created to avoid the problem of having to conform to the music industry. When under a contract, the record company wants you to release records once a year and spend the rest of the time promoting it. Tony didn't want to wait that long between albums, so he started an alternative career.

Anyhow, the Planet P Project is one part rock opera รก la The Wall, one part science fiction and then there's nice pop-rocky tunes, harmonies and the eighties-ish production. You have got to hear it, especially if you ever liked Pink Floyd.  Most of this can be found on Napster, so if your old tape is all worn out, as mine is, or if you want to try before you buy... All records are available from Amazon.com as are samples and reviews. 

When I was heavily addicted to fantasy and science fiction back in the early eighties - Robert Heinlein especially - the Planet P record was the perfect music. I later on saw Tony say that the first record was not about Starship Troopers, so it turns out many more than me found this book-music combination amazing. Planet P Project have a rather small but even more so dedicated core of followers. The re-release of Pink World in 1999 was a success in Europe and a new Planet P Project album is to be released in 2001.

The first record - which is the best imho -had the singles "Static", "King For A Day" and "Why Me?" . Remember how the first track on the second side of a LP always had to be a hit ? Now everything beyond track 5 on a CD is just blur...and then some bogus I mean bonus tracks. These three singles had videos and were played on MTV now and then. The Pink World album had the singles "Behind The Barrier" and "What I See", which were also released as videos for MTV. 



Track list for the self-titled first album

1. Static
2. King For A Day
3. I Won't Wake Up
4. Top Of The World
5. Armageddon
6. Tranquility Base
7. Why Me?
8. Power Tools
9. Send It In A Letter
10. Adam And Eve
11. Only You And Me
12. Ruby 

reference: Jim Baileys fan page at members.aol.com/pinkworld/pppfans.htm, tonycarey.com,

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