Usually thought to be the name of a band, Aldo Nova is actually the name of a guitarist who peaked in the early 1980s. Born Aldo Scarporuscio in Montreal, Canada, Aldo Nova released three albums in the 80s. His self-titled debut album contains his best known song, Fantasy. A kind of theatrical, hard rocking, pseudo heavy metal, Aldo Nova never got all that much attention except from rock and roll aficionados who were looking for more than what the early 80s pop scene was providing.

After taking a long break following his third album, Twitch in 1985, he was recruited by Jon Bon Jovi to play guitar on Bon Jovi's 1990 release Blaze of Glory (sometimes better known as the Young Guns II Soundtrack). Nova had played on Bon Jovi's debut album in 1984, but had gone back into the studio to record Twitch rather than stick around a play with a band that obviously wasn't going anywhere. He has since done studio work with Bon Jovi on subsequent albums and released his fourth solo album on Bon Jovi's label in 1991. In an odd twist, he has also since contributed his guitar to works by Michael Bolton and Celine Dion.

Start rocking those keyboards back and forth now.

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