Musician, born 1953, USA. Started the band Blessings which signed 1974 with ABC Records and included Jeff Porcaro and David Hungate (later on in Toto). Blessings never recorded a record, but while at the studio, Tony met Ritchie Blackmore. Ritchie recruited Tony to Rainbow as their keyboard player. He didn't stay with Rainbow for long though, and it is still debated whether or not he was playing on the Rising album.

After Rainbow, he moved to Germany in 1978. He started to write and record songs, and several solo albums were released. For contractual reasons, Tony created an alter ego; one man band Planet P Project. The first album - Planet P - was released in 1983, and the second - Pink World - in 1984. At the same time Tony released the solo album Some Tough City, which had a couple of hits and a tour following it. The following years say several solo records and different record companies. Tony teamed up two friends from Blessings, and they started their own label in 1999. That label has started to release previously unreleased material from Tony's career. In 2001, a new Planet P Project album is to be released.

Check Planet P Project for more.


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