Penn Jillette and Teller are comic magicians. They are also atheists and teetotalers. I've been a fan of theirs for more than ten years now, and I've seen two of their live shows. They are quite accessible, as far as celebrities go. Visit for more info.

Penn and Teller are magicians. I suppose that's their primary career. I'd reccommend seeing them live, coming soon to a college near you!

They're pretty good, very funny, a mixture of magic, music, and comedy, they make a few jokes about their competition, and generally do humerous magic that those who are jaded of magic tricks will find hysterical.

Penn Jillette is usually the loud one, while Teller is as quiet as Harpo Marx. You can't help but think of them as Jay and Silent Bob. Teller can speak, but only whispers to Penn. I've heard him say one thing out loud only. On The Daily Show, host Craig Kilborne was doing Five Questions and said "Question #5, this one's for Teller....SAY SOMETHING!" Teller yelled "F**K YOU CRAIG!" at equal volume, getting a laugh. Perhaps the only time he's spoken in public.

They take some sorta old tricks, such as escaping from a box within a box with padlocks, but twist on it by making the audience, by power of Charisma, keep their eyes closed for the 45 seconds it takes.

Also they take volunteers from the audience, throw knives at them blindfolded (but actually turns out to be walking over and sticking knives into the wall next to the blindfolded's head), and generally making jokes that provoke a laugh.

The grand finale centers on having a volunteer writing his initials on a bullet, loading it into a gun, firing it through a sheet of plate glass and into Penn's mouth! I don't know how, but somehow he "catches" the fired bullet into his mouth and shows the audience that the fired bullet has the initials and identical handwriting.

If you see them on TV, I'd highly reccommend watching it. They do some specials, and have appeared on morning shows every so often. They are also in movies like Penn and Teller Get Killed. Their new series is on HBO, titled "Penn and Teller: Bullshit!" where every week they make a funny documentary on something. Usually they dig something up on an organization, and expose its lying, whereupon they sum it up as "Bullshit."

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