Those deadly, mysterious and lethal Antarctic icepack fighters for Linux Superiority. No-one knows from whence they came, but every time any user on the Antarctic continent fires up a machine running That Other OS, there is a non-zero chance that they will show up.

The horror.

The rushing sound of dozens of warriors sliding rapidly and invisibly towards you on feathered, padded stomachs...weapons slung across their backs...beaks set grimly in determination.

They will usually announce their presence with EMP grenades, which cause any Windows machine for half a mile to BSOD instantly. Then the chatter of automatic weapons fire can be heard, followed by and mixed with shrieks for mercy and the high, fanatic hork-ing of the loosed zealots.

Some few have escaped by quickly booting Linux before their machines were spotted. However, shouting their strange battlecry (which sounds oddly like "horkLEENOOShork") the penguinistas eventually retreat back over the ice, leaving only buried system bombs and shattered machines in their wake. To make matters worse, there have been unexplained incidents of windows massacres in South America and Australia during winter...perhaps they're on the move...

At night, the ice penguins come.

- freelance nodeshell rescue -

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