So I'm sitting on a train, using my laptop, when this guy sits down next to me and strikes up a conversation. We get to talking about computers, and he notices I am using Windows 98, so we get on the topic of operating systems, and of course this leads to the the Mac vs. Windows argument. Continuing to bash the Macintosh operating system he goes on, while I continue to watch Windows Mediaplayer files. Eventually, my station is about to arrive, and my new found buddy is still going on about the wonders of the Windows OS. In preperation to disembark, I quit Windows, and to the amazement of the Windows fanatic, the MacOS Finder is in the background.

This just goes to show that running Windows as an application can be fun!


Another great thing about running Windows as an application: When you get a BSOD, you just quit Virtual PC. =-)

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