A resident of Pendor; particularly, a member of one of the Pendorian species.

Biology: Biologically, most Pendorians resemble humanoid versions of various Terran wild animals; that is to say, they are furries. Several other body types exist, though, as in the Centaur and Pamthreat. They are unaging after maturity, and resistant to all known disease. They are not immortal, though; they can die from injury -- whether accidental, malicious, or suicidal.

A few of the Pendorian species incorporate nanotech devices into their basic biological makeup -- such as the Dragons' antigravity and solar power devices. They also use nanotech in their bodies for medicine and various forms of enhancement.

Pendorian reproduction works the same way as Terran reproduction. The fertility rate of Pendorian females is much lower, though -- and perfectly reliable contraception pushes the birth rate lower still. A Pendorian can reproduce only with another Pendorian of the same species (as with Terran animals); however, interspecies families are common.

Society and Economy: Pendorian society has been described as a well-run anarchy. There is no government as such, though the omnipresent AIs serve to (non-coercively) provide what little order is necessary for survival and comfort. The Pendorian economy is one of abundance, not scarcity; thus there is no poverty (and indeed no money). However, since Pendorians instinctually value creative work and participation in social activities -- and since they have none of Terrans' trained resistance to boredom -- they find occupations in improving their and their neighbors' bit of the abundance.

Though there is no government, Pendor has a nobility of sorts in the form of the Shardik household. Ken Shardik created Pendor and Pendorian society to participate in it, not to govern it, and makes a Discordian point of subverting what authority he holds. Still, he and his family are treated with a distinct respect and a (sometimes uncomfortable) deference by many Pendorians. In Pendorian diplomacy (as with Terra, llerkin, or the Sinox), Shardik also often plays the role of chief of state.

Many, possibly most, Pendorians live in small towns; the only city on Pendor is D'Tangent Arcology. Many others live in rural and farming areas, and Uncia largely live in the wilderness. Farms are self-supporting, but also export food to towns, cities, and offworld. While Pendor is not dependent on farms for survival, most Pendorians do prefer farmed food over vat-grown, and farmers are greatly appreciated for their work. There are also a few specialized communities on Pendor, such as BackWater and Castle Rhysh. Each community harbors at least one AI.

Culture: Ken Shardik was born American, and Pendorian culture derives ultimately, albeit loosely, from the Western culture of Terra. Pendorians strongly value both science and the arts; they esteem (but do not venerate) technological advancement. They value both individual liberty and community, and see these as necessary to one another rather than as opposing or in tension with one another.

Pendorians do not have religion as such, though a very few are practitioners of ritual magick.

The Pendorian attitude towards sex differs significantly from that of Terran Western culture. Pendorians value sex for pleasure and closeness, among friends as well as in long-term partnerships. While most Pendorians are heterosexual, homosexuality and bisexuality are equally respected. Pendorians are only rarely monogamous. Interspecies sex and relationships are common; when an interspecies couple wishes a child, they may adopt, or (if one or both members is a fem) ask the help of a mel of the appropriate species.

See also: Pendorians, Pendor, Ken Shardik.

(Pendor and the Pendorians were created by Elf Sternberg.)

(No, I have no idea why N-Wing left this as a nodeshell.)

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