Calendar used in from Elf Sternberg's The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales

The Pendorian calendar system consists of twelve months and four special days making up a 292-day year. The first, middle two, and last days of the year (days 1, 146, 147, and 292) are given their own names and are not included in any of the months. Their names are Yestar, Attendes, Loende and Mettare respectively. The remaining two blocks of 144 days are divided into 6 months each. The first 6 months are named Narrin, Nenim, Sulim, Virta, Lothess and Narnya and have 24 days each. The seventh through twelfth months are named Cerim, Urim, Yavar, Narquell, Hiss, and Ring. Cerim, Urim, Hiss and Ring each have 24 days, however Yavar has 16 days and Narquell has 32. The Pendorian "week" is six days and starts over at the beginning of every month. The day's names are Seren, Anar, Noren, Aldea, Erwer, and Elenya. Because of the differences in the length of a day (see Pendorian Time) The length of a year in each system is the same*, making date conversion easy. To go from a Gregorian year/day just subtract 1884 from the year and multiply the day number by 292/365.

* Because of alignment problems during Pendor's construction, a Pendorian year is just a few seconds shorter than a Gregorian year. (P'nyssa and Susan, 001/0313)

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