A collection of short stories about nanotech. Not bad at all. The authors and stories are:

Blood Music by Greg Bear - Intelligent blood cells? A longer novel version of this story exits with a much different ending.

Margin of Error by Nancy Kress - What price immortality? Just remember the frog in the boiling pot.

Axiomatic by Greg Egan. - If you could change your very system of belief with software, would you? And to what?

Remember'd Kisses by Michael Flynn - Grief and science is a not a good combination. Some interesting ideas about the nature of DNA in this one.

Recording Angel by Ian McDonald - What would aliens do with nanotechnology? Could we even begin to understand?

Sunflowers by Kathleen Goonan - Strange story about coming to terms with grief.

The Logic Pool by Stephen Baxter - We may use evolutionary techniques for software, but we forget that evolution created us and our consciousness. What will we create?

Any Major Dude by Paul Filippo - Nanotech's going to make some changes in government. Oh yes indeed.

We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy by David Marusek - Wicked, wicked far future tale of ... a child?

Willy in the Nano-Lab by Geoffrey Landis - Cute little poem about grey goo.

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