It's been almost three years I've been noding here, and I will tell you, my friends, it has been a blast so far. So now I think I've been around long enough to put on a contest, and since one of my main interests in life (obviously) is my study of the theological theory of pandeism, I thought, hey why not make a contest relating to pandeism in some way? But, I won't be so inflated as to ask people (who probably have not much interest in that subject) to make a bunch of nodes on it; instead I thought, why not make a play on the word? Five consonants (d, m, n, p, s), three vowels (a, e, i), no repeaters, and so a recipe for plentiful opportunities to indulge another delightful interest of mine, anagrams.

But enough blabber from me, here are the rules:

1. To enter, make a node in any style, and on any topic, so long as the title is an anagram of "pandeism" containing all eight letters one time; the title may contain no other letters except a preceding possessive (my, your, his, her, its, their) or definite article (a, an, the); and, naturally, the title ought to be relevant to the topic of the node; but you may include whatever punctuation or spacing you desire -- for example (and do feel at liberty to use the sample titles as well, if you can write up a killer node on one or more):
The mind peas
I mend sap
Pam dines
ESPN maid
My damn pies!!

2. Message me the node and include a link back to this contest all the way at the end of the node.
3. No limit on the number of entries.
4. Contest is open for thirty days, from midnight (GMT) on 25 June 2010 to midnight (GMT) 25 July 2010.
5. The prize: top SEVEN entrants, judged by me (and possibly guest judges if anyone is interested in doing so) on creativity and quality, get ching!ed hard by me, best node first. It may take me a few days (well, at least a week, obviously) to make it down that list, but I'll make it.... and, naturally, if there are more than seven ching!worthy nodes submitted, I'll get to those as well. So, if anyone wants to do this, I'm hoping people will stun me with creative permutations....


Entrants will be listed here:

1. Wertperch : Mad Snipe (an epic first submission)
2. maxClimb : Spinmade (an actual company, how about that....)
3. maxClimb : Dim Aspen (joyously bogarting many good ones within)
4. Glowing Fish : pain meds (I saw what you did there)
5. Estelore : PS - I amend (thank god this is fiction!!)
6. artman2003 : Ane Sip, M.D. (very, very silly)
7. per ou: pin me, DSA (an aligned rhyme)
8. C-Dawg : "spin" made (cleverly poetic diversion to physics)
9. nvtahuti : Midas Pen (in rhyming couplets, no less)


And so much, special love to the noders who gave me good advice in putting this together, you guys are awesome people!!

The Winners
First Place : Mad Snipe by Wertperch
Second Place : Dim Aspen by maxClimb
Third Place : PS - I amend by Estelore
....and a fat C! for everyone else too cause they were all asskicking fun to read!!

C!'s for everyone!!

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