hello budding necromancers! I hope you are protecting your DARK SPARK well. thanks for all your messages (except for the one rude person who made threats on my person, you know who you are) and just for you i will make todays entry extra complete.

i promised in my previous log that i would write about my mentor. i would be lying if i said i always keep my promises but that is because i know the world is a VIEL OF TEARS AND LIES and i mean to rend that threshold intwain and pass again and again through the rift that joins this life and the afterworld. but my mentor is pretty important in necromancy circles so for your sake i will talk about him.

his name is High Priest Vincent Von Androalphus, so you already could tell from his name he is a badass. to be honest I was not even sold on necromancy until he literally PROVED to me that it is real and very powerful. he introduced himself to me as Vincent Von Androalphus and I said "wow did you get your name legally changed to that or were you born with that name?" and he said "my father was the devil and my mother was a succubus, kid" and that wasn't even the craziest thing he told me. how i met him was that i was unemployed and i saw an ad on craigslist.com saying a necromancer was looking for an apprentice. of course it wasnt gonna pay anything but i wanted to at least talk to the guy because that sounded PRETTY INTENSE. so we meet at the park and let me ask you a question: what color was he wearing?

i bet your thinking black, right?


vincent von androalphus wears ALL WHITE at all times. he says that for centuries the religious hegiminy has worked to manufacture this idea that dark arts practicers wear black so we stand out more and can be easily tracked (and eliminated if we get too powerful). that was kind of a MINDFUCK because at the time i wore black all the time, even died my hair really black and sometimes wore black nail polish etc. but it makes total sense if you think about it.vincent has a pretty big beard but its not very long, just wide, and he is pretty tall. so then vincent demonstrated his powers (i was pretty dubious) by summoning the spirit of someone dead. it was this guy randall that worked at the grocery store i go to but he died in a car wreck and it was on the news. i couldn't see randalls spirit but as we learn early in necromancy it takes a lot of practice to be able to see the spirits, at first you have to do everything by feel and instinct. vincent told me all this stuff about me and my life that randall's spirit was telling him and it was pretty much really accurate. on a scale of 1 to 10 it was PRACTICALLY AN 11.

so i guess thats how i got started with necromancy. i learned a lot about herbs and how its important to keep yourself in peek physical condition because your body is your temple. i expected more things like dark ceremonies and unlocking my powers but you have to start with the basics. vincent has been in a lot of battles with demons (and once even satan, but vincent escaped by summoning an angel spirit) but he's always prepared. if you can subdue demons thats how you can CONTROL them usually but its not a precise science (though of course science can DETECT the presence of these demons when theyre summoned by measuring changes in the area's energy fields).

so i guess if i was gonna sum up a lesson from todays log it would be that if you want to get started on the DARK PATH TO POWER the first thing is to NOT WEAR BLACK but wear a lighter color instead. often the best necromancy strategy is to DO THE UNEXPECTED. until next time, slammelach el'sieth jran. (thats asmodian language, if you are lucky enough to have been taught it then message me because i have business to discuss.)

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