Spinmade is a Finnish company which makes and sells a clever device for tying fishing line onto fishing lures. The hand-held device, the Click2Knot, requires no expertise or knot-tying knowledge to use - one places a length of line and the eyelet of the lure into the device and squeezes the spring-loaded handle several times to tie the knot. The tool also has a line-straightening function, to prepare the line before tying, and a trimmer to remove the loose end from the knot. The compact and precise knot produced by the tool lets the lure swivel freely, as it is designed to do in the water, so that it does a better job of attracting fish. Further benefits are that a fisherman is freed from loss of time spent trying to tie small, accurate knots in less than ideal conditions and hooked fish are far less likely to be lost because of a slipped knot.

Founded in April 2006, Spinmade arose from the dreams and coordinated efforts of a couple of Finnish fellows to create a great tool for tying knots. After exploring all the current, unsatisfactory, options, They built a prototype and applied for a patent in 2005. Drawing on professional connections in manufacturing and industrial design, including a former Rapala executive, they founded Spinmade and even won support from the Finnish government. The first Click2Knot tool came on the market after two years of research and development and in 2008 it was awarded 'Best New Accessory' at EFFTEX, Europe's largest fishing tackle expo, and later went on to win a similar award in France.


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