The PalmIII is the latest in 3com's Palm Pilot series. In addition to the amazingness of the earlier ones, this has backlighting and, most importantly, infrared, ostensibly to enable suits to beam business cards at each other, but really to satisfy geeks' insatiable urge to swap the latest cool games.

The main problem with the Palm IIIe,
Is it's above-the-norm fragility,
Bumping it against the wall,
Instead of having no effect at all,
Will smash the glass in the screen,
And render it worthless as a bean.

So I paid the $200 for the replacement,
After a few months I misplace it.
After finding it in the bookshelf,
An over enthusiastic delve,
Making it just broken glass,
I swear, they don't make IIIe's to last.

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