Lite version of the Palm III PDA. With only 2MB of memory it won't hold as much games as the 4MB Palm IIIx version. Still, it is a great little gadget to store your meetings, addresses and other crucial information in. You can also receive email and maybe even surf the web using a modem add-on or a suitable mobile phone.

Caveat: This Palm doesn't have flash ROM, or an expansion slot. The lack of flash ROM means you can't go any higher than PalmOS 3.0, or use any of the neat flash storage utilities out there. The lack of an expansion slot means you can't get any of the many neat addons that are available (including more memory.)

This is not a very big deal, however- I own a IIIe and am perfectly happy with it. Indeed, the 2MB memory keeps me from putting games on there, and wasting my time with it.

When a Gameboy is 30 bucks, why waste your address book/to do list/general organization lifeline's memory and battery power (very important, that!) just so you can play a roguelike...

ermm nevermind. heh. OK, sacrifice the 72k you need for pocketrogue. But don't get any other games. Ha!

and oh yes, don't forget Theremini... size-wise, it is a bargain, and quite possibly the weirdest thing you can put on a Palm.

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