IMO, one of the greatest adaptations of the pac-man video game genre (so to say). It is a 3d version of the original, taking full advantage of the space.
Why is it so cool, you ask?
Because every time you yelled at pac-man, "Dammit, just get out of the way of those stupid ghosts... duck , dodge, do something"... you can finally have your relief!. You can jump over the ghosts! As in.. here comes a ghost... up on over you go. Aha! Take that 2d world of logic circuits.
Of course years of childhood frustration over the original cannot be cured so late in life, but its a nice attempt. It didnt get as much popularity as the original (or anywhere near there), but several versions did make it into the arcade and onto the Sega genesis.
An interesting concept on the original. Slighly more realistic, if (of course) you can get paste the whole premise of ghosts and a yellow sphere eating a lot of little pills.

Pacmania is a pseudo-3D version of Pac-man, where the maze is viewed from a skewed isometric perspective. Unlike the original, the maze is larger than the screen, necessitating scrolling. As well as being able to jump over the ghosts, Pac-man can now be told 'in advance' to turn a corner, saving valuable fractions of a second. The game was ported to a ridiculous number of platforms, including the aforementioned Sega Mega Drive, as well as the Master System, ZX Spectrum, C-64, Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. I don't think that there is an 'official' PC release of the game (but I could be wrong).

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