PPK (ППК) is a Russian trance/house "band". It is composed of two guys: DJ Pimenov (Пименов), who is also producer, and musician/sound director Alexander Polyakov (Поляков). The name is taken from the duo's last initials, plus a "K" from a former member--one DJ Korzh (Корж). They started out in Rostov in 1998 and have been gaining popularity ever since.

In 1999, their track "21st Century" (21 Век) reached #2 on the main mp3.com popularity chart. This was repeated in 2000, with their track "I Have a Dream"(naturally, based on Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic speech). Afterwards, their songs reached #1 several times, beating out such artists as Madonna, REM, and The Offspring. Their song "ResuRection" was spun by Paul Oakenfold in several of his sets. They later signed a contract with his label, Perfecto Records. Currently, they are starting their own production company, UPLIFTO.

Their music is probably some of the best trance I've heard. Maybe it shouldn't be called trance; it is certainly extremely energetic. At times, they resemble the Chemical Brothers--plus, their female vocalist Vera, who appears on some tracks, sounds a lot like Beth Orton. "ResuRection" is their best song, in my humble opinion, and I would recommend it to any aficionado of electronica.


  • 1998: "Чувствуйте Не Спать!!!" ("Feel the No Sleep!!!")
  • 1999: "Не Спать!!! Терпеть!!! Remixes" ("No Sleep!!! Hold on!!! Remixes")
  • 2001: "Hey DJ!!!"
  • 2001: "ResuRection" (Originally Воскрешение, a single, later published again under that name)
  • 2002: "Русский Транс:ФОРМИРОВАНИЕ" ("Russian Trance: Formation")
  • 2002: "ПЕРЕЗАГРУЗКА" ("Reload")
Various promo CDs, republishings, singles, etc. not included.

Yeah, I know the album titles sound brainless.

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