The Nite Finder is a Nerf Gun from the recent N-Strike line. It's a medium-sized pistol whose main feature (besides shooting things with foam) is a focused light imitating a targeting laser.

The light is integrated into the front of the gun under the barrel. The assembly consists of a red LED and a small plastic lens. The lens is adjustable, theoretically for best accuracy. Two AA batteries in the handle power the LED, and the switch is activated by slightly pulling the trigger. The resultant dot is adequately visible and in focus for about ten feet. It is not difficult to replace the LED with a real laser or Maglite. Many people choose to remove the light section entirely, a so-called "PPK" mod that makes the gun easier to fit in a pocket.

The gun itself is an exceptional pistol. Unmodified, it gets ranges up to 35 feet. With thorough modification, ranges of 70 feet can be expected. The Nite Finder has particularly large air restrictors, a large plunger tube, and a short barrel, and its spring is unimpressive, so there is plenty of room for improvement. On the other hand, the internals are fairly simple and sturdy, making it an excellent first mod.

The first-series Nite Finders had a small manual sight on top of the gun. Newer models replace that with a rail that can mount a Longshot scope or a Crossfire or attach to the side of a Titan. The newer models also have slightly weaker springs, although this is not an issue if the gun is to be modified.

Overall, the Nite Finder is an excellent all-around sidearm. Its strengths include portability (you can easily use it as a sidearm), moddability, and decent range. Its weaknesses are rate of fire when compared to the Maverick or any of the automatics and range when compared to larger guns. Approximate cost is six dollars.

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