A wireless protocol which is gaining popularity in Japan. The PIAFS protocol is used on the PHS digital wireless network, which in turn is based up CDMA (which is itself based upon earlier digital cellular specifications). PIAFS is rapidly being deployed in Japan because it can be terminated by standard ISDN devices.

PIAFS operates at a datarate of 32k (kilobit) for protocol version 1.1; 64k for protocol version 2.0, and a auto-switching mode between 32k and 64k in version 2.1. PIAFS 2.2 implements better heuristics for the switching operation of version 2.1.

Both NTT and DDI offer PIAFS service.

Nothing like surfing the web and eating sushi!


06/22/2001 Addendem: PIAFS and PHS seem to be getting their ass handed to them by i-Mode, but the protocol is still in use.

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