A minor character throughout Toriyama's anime series Dragonball and Dragonball Z. Like Oolong, he has a habit of only caring about his own fate. However, when riled, he can be a pretty tough fighter, particularly since he's the only real fighter that bothers to use a weapon -- in this case a Japanese sword. (I'm no weapons expert, so maybe someone with the comic can let me in on what kind it is.) Usually, though, he's a complete coward. He is also the only person that can match Goku's eating habits.

He was introduced near the end of Dragonball, when Piccolo returns and uses his devilish minions (no kidding) to kill all the world's fighters and recover the dragon balls. (For those of you following, Lord Pilaf of all people told him about the dragon balls' powers.) Later he becomes an inactive member of the Z Team.

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