Loosely based on FastTrack's design, OpenFT aims to become the new pseudo standard in file trading on the Internet, but we'll settle for Total World Domination.

(from the giFT website)

OpenFT is a peer-to-peer file sharing network. It is loosely based on the ideas behind FastTrack P2P Stack networks (KaZaA, older version of MusicCity/Morpheus, and so on).

Unlike the current FastTrack networks - and like the FastTrack networks before the corporations behind them made bad decisions, OpenFT is a decentralized network with no need to authentication or user information. The transfer protocol is based on HTTP, just like in old FT networks.

OpenFT network is the default network used by giFT (giFT Internet File Transfer). It is in no way related to FastTrack networks. Since it's an independent network and giFT software doesn't have a too attractive GUI for Windows yet (and you need to build it yourself), it is a somewhat smaller network than the rest of them. (As of writing, 423 users with 2.7 terabytes of data, but I'm sure it will grow!)

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