Client of choice for connecting to the eDonkey network on windows (mldonkey is apparently the choice on linux).

Features include (v0.27c):-
  • A credit system — clients that have uploaded to you are given precedence when they queue files for download. This rewards participation.
  • Client ban — allows you to ban aggressive clients that hammer you with requests.
  • Source exchange — shares the source listing of files so that rare files are easier to find.
  • Preview files.
  • IRC.
  • Friends list.
  • IP filter — like the client ban only block ip ranges from uploading and/or downloading.
  • .sig — dumps statistics for fun and...(?!)...profit
  • And the standard features of eDonkey besides!

Em"ule (?), v. t. [F. 'emuler. See Emulate.]

To emulate.

[Obs.] "Emuled of many."



© Webster 1913.

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