A punk rock band on the Hell-Cat Records label (along with Rancid and Dropkick Murphys) formed in 1998. Members currently include Brody (vocals/guitar), Ryan (bass), Rose "Casper" (guitar), and Andy (drums). The old line-up has one Kim Chi replace Ryan on bass and Matt replace Andy on drums.

The band's sound is rooted in classic punk; it isn't hardcore nor is it pop (though it certainly is closer to hardcore). They're sound is less playful and more to the bone than Rancid or Operation Ivy. Brody's vocals sound like a hoarse Patti Smith, and the songs move with a similar intensity.

  • The Distillers (self-titled full-album)
    • Oh Serena
    • Idoless
    • The World Comes Tumblin'
    • L.A. Girl
    • Distilla Truant
    • Ask the Angels
    • Oldscratch
    • Girlfixer
    • Open Sky
    • Red Carpet and Rebellion
    • Colossus USA
    • Blackheart
    • Gypsy Rose Lee
    • The Blackest Years
  • The Distillers (self-titled 7 inch) ~ Songs:
    • Old Scratch
    • L.A. Girl
    • Colossus USA
    • Blackheart
  • Sing Sing Death House
  • I'm in the process of noding the songs. And this little message will disappear when I'm done

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