This is the definitive nerd call to arms.

The solution to all problems, open sourceing something is the process of releasing to the general and unwitted public the source code, the inner secrets, the schematics of whatever it is you are working on.

The common belief is that if we can all look at a problem, if we all huddle around in a group and poke at the source with a stick, instead of letting it fester on in its proprietary little corner we can make it better. This is what nearly all computer geeks think : ''if you would just open source it everything would be better...''

and ya know what?...

Damn straight.

Open source is the solution to most problems. Sure, we joke around about how OSS can become fanatical sometimes, what with the GNU people and the GPL or the Mozilla Public License or whatever, but deep down, we all know that open source is the way to go.

Hey! It is the solution to all problems! Just look at these thoughts of a common computer geek and the appropriate course of action. ::

My operating system is too slow and clunky...

Open Source it!

Napster is being blocked by some institutions...

Open Source it!

There is no driver for my video card...

Open Source it!

Natalie Portman goes to school at that other school across the river...

Open Source it!
uh... open source her..... and add some grits.

anyway, you catch my drift.

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